Therapeutic yoga


Yoga therapy combines the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness with cutting-edge medical scientific research and the psychoeducation of the clients, thus bringing an innovative approach to the way we perceive and care for our psychosomatic health. The practices (somatic, breathing, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness) are safe and adjusted to the dynamic of the group. They are simple and can be done as homework.

The benefits are many and important. The side effects of chemotherapy are mitigated; the nervous system balances while the psychological burden, the physical pain and tiredness are relieved to a manageable extent. As a result, mood changes and a feeling of wellness may arise.

These days yoga therapy has become so popular, that many doctors are now supporting it. Various medical journals reveal research as to yoga’s multi-tiered benefits. Likewise those in the field of mental health often recommend yoga to clients or may even integrate aspects into their work.

Katerina Lyngeridou
Certified and Registered Yoga Therapist