Become a volunteer

Volunteer with us

1Why volunteer with us?
As a PAMEMMAZI volunteer, you will:
  • Make a meaningful difference to people affected by cancer
  • Contribute to PAMEMMAZI’s effort to reduce stigma towards cancer
  • Receive any necessary training for your role from social workers and psychologists and have access to ongoing development of your skills
  • Meet like-minded volunteers and become a member of the PAMEMMAZI team
  • Experience the invaluable sense of giving to others
2What can I do as a volunteer?
  • You can facilitate activities in hospitals
  • You can provide us with administrative and logistic support in forums and events organized by PAMEMMAZI
  • You can encourage survivors, patients and families to share their story on blog
3How to become a volunteer?
  1. Download and fill in this application.
  2. Send it to us via email at
  3. We will contact you to arrange a meet up.

Volunteer testimonials

  • As part of the PAMEMMAZI community, I feel that I contribute in my own way to the realization of Emma's dream. This dream, apart from being a simple goal, serves as an inspiration, engaging patients and volunteers to team up to break taboos surrounding cancer. We move forward together, letting go of moments of great adversity, holding on to happy moments and living every single day as if it is a new and unique experience.
  • I want to help realize the dream that PAMEMMAZI represents, not only in support of people living with cancer who are close to me, but everyone who can benefit from this organization. In this effort, I want to join all those who wish to fight stereotypes associated with people living with cancer.
  • The vision of PAMEMMAZI is precious and unique. Working together, with energy and creativity, we can make it happen.
  • Emma helped me realize that cancer is just another word. Even though cancer sucks, what matters is how you choose to live your life with it. What I would like is to contribute to those who have to live with it and keep fighting it.
  • Emma when I am thinking of you and your warm smile I always remember what I have read once: “courage is not the lack of fear but fear which keeps going” For me you symbolize this saying. You needed courage to remain positive and joyful despite all your fears. You needed courage to offer love and to care for all of us around you despite your difficult moments. You needed courage to accept your journey and in the most difficult times to reach for the light. Now it is our turn to show the courage to keep your dream alive and support all the people in need. You are the star which gives me the courage and I will always be grateful to have  met you. With endless love.
  • The vision of PAMEMMAZI  is Emma’ s dream. The person who feels pain is alive but the person who feels the pain of another, is human. PAMEMMAZI  is a family, a group of friends where we share happy feelings and we lighten the sorrows by sharing them. By volunteering for Pamemmazi  I helped create a better world. What about you?
  • PAMEMMAZI  has shown me how to serve those who truly need my help. We work together to fight every taboo in cancer. Instead we see cancer as a chronic disease that does not limit normal life for patients and those around them. We organize activities and invite cancer patients to join us, because no one should feel alone in this fight. In this journey we walk together.
  • Words are not enough to describe my feelings for PAMEMMAZI ; happiness and optimism can be part of even the hardest challenges. All you have to do is look for them.
  • In PAMEMMAZI  we work together for better days today and always!
  • For me PAMEMMAZI  is about the people who are part of it. The people who establish it and to the creators of a network communication that aims to exchange knowledge, give joy and empower all both members and participants.  Authentic human relationships have the power to create exceptional outcomes.