Our team raises awareness to support cancer patients and cancer research.

Emma’s team falls under the PAMEMMAZI umbrella. In the 2016 Greece Race for the Cure marathon, the Untouchables won the first prize for the largest Individual Initiative team with 700 members. At the awards ceremony Emma, our team leader, received the award and delivered a brief speech about how cancer needs to become a chronic disease.

In 2017, our team won again the first place counting 1146 runners and walkers and Emma’s sister and founding member of PAMEMMAZI, Anastasia, received the award.

Our team will keep participating in marathons that aim to raise awareness for prevention and cure of cancer and quality of life for patients.

The untouchables

Untouchables are back!

On Sunday, 7 October 2018, the UNTOUCHABLES team participated for the 6th consecutive year in the 2018 Greece Race for the Cure marathon organized by Alma Zois. With the invaluable support of The American College of Greece