Sophie Kordits Interview

Lilian Tsiavou Interview
Newsletter February - March 2018
Newsletter February – March 2018

What fulfills you most in your volunteer engagement?

I am fulfilled through actively interacting with patients. I am also fulfilled by contributing in a meaningful way in a pioneer initiative which promises a great deal of much needed support to patients and caregivers during treatment.


Share with us an experience that touched you most.

I am touched by every smile in the faces of dance therapy participants, every sigh of relief, every look of gratitude I see; every comment that shows me that, even just this once, the beneficial results of dance therapy are visible.


How would you encourage a potential volunteer to participate and contribute to PAMEMMAZI? What would volunteer engagement offer to the volunteer?

PAMEMMAZI is a pioneer organization in Greece that supports patients in important ways. Through his service, the volunteer learns a great deal, feels emotionally fulfilled, and enriches his psyche.


Make a wish for PAMEMMAZI.

I wish PAMEMMAZI many good and creative years. To offer its services in more hospitals, to more people, giving them hope, joy, strength and first and foremost emotional health and balance.


Sophie Kordits, Dance Expression program