Kateriana Georgiou Interview

Newsletter January 2018
Newsletter January 2018
Lilian Tsiavou Interview

What fulfills you most in your volunteer engagement?

The thought that I can help someone fill his or her time forgetting where she is.


Share with us an experience that touched you most.

Someone thanked us that we made his day. He told us that he was afraid of the hospital, but when he participates in our activities, he feels like he is on vacation.


How would you encourage a potential volunteer to participate and contribute to PAMEMMAZI? What would volunteer engagement offer to the volunteer?

I would tell him that offering one hour of his time would help someone forget that he/she is in the hospital and whatever that entails.


Make a wish for PAMEMMAZI.

To grow! To offer our services in other hospitals too!


Kateriana Georgiou, Creating Stories program