Soap Making

Soap making is a creative hobby as well as a great activity since soaps are useful and everyone can appreciate them. The art of soap making also aims in relaxations and well-being through the use of essential oils. At Pamemmazi we explore the secrets of soap making using some basic ingredients. You don’t need to have special chemical knowledge and you can attend this class as far as you are not sensitive to scents used during the process (essential oils). We offer special moulds to choose different shapes for your creation and fragrances and colours to create your unique soap. Handmade soaps are perfect gifts. The process is easy and you can repeat it at home after the workshop. Handmade is always better than mass produced and has better quality!

Participants' Comments

  • Thank you very much. I learned something nice. The people here are giving, polite and kind
  • It would be great if these activities took place on a daily basis as they are very interesting and the patients can pass their time joyfully. I hope you continue offering with love and passion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • I can pass on my positive energy to patients who participate in the project through the pleasure I feel when I create
  • The specific activity boosts the participants’ psychology. It gives them a break from their problems.

Creatives loose and find themselves in the creative process. While creating one loses him/herself in the process, experiencing a sense of "flow"

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