Paula, an advocate for cancer care, passed away on April 30, 2020

Participation in seminar “My Care- My Right”
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forum 2018
On April 30, 2020, our beloved Paula passed away, a wonderful person who offered so much to PAMEMMAZI. A special personality, Paula honored our Forum on October 20, 2018 by participating in the Round Table discussion where she spoke to us with disarming honesty about the difficult issues and challenges faced by oncology patients in their daily lives and in the health system.

An intelligent, strong and practical woman, Paula treated the disease realistically and responsibly. She did not give in to the illness but made herself fully aware of all its stages and sought to have the best quality of life possible at every phase. This is something she also advised the audience of the 2018 Forum of PAMEMMAZI: "the quality of life is redefined depending on the stages of the disease". It was important for her at every stage to feel that she was able to give and to feel useful to her family, to work, to society, and / or to other patients.

Also of importance to her was the sharing of information and respect for the patient's wishes by the treating physician. She wished that, in the future, Greece will witness the effective functioning of a multidisciplinary oncology team that would handle timely examinations, pain management, nutrition and the various side effects that arise. She managed to create such a team for herself with a lot of research, perseverance and effort. She supported the electronic file, considering how many hours she spent on "paper hunting" for fear of losing opportunities for better treatment of the illness, beginning with the phase of preventive examinations.

Paula was also with us in the audience at PAMEMMAZI’s 2020 Forum in February. Although it was difficult for her, nothing would keep her away from us. Paula was useful to society and other patients, just as she had decided, until the end. She reminds us of Emma, ​​the founder and inspiration of PAMEMMAZI, who a few weeks before she passed away took part in a cancer walk and received the first prize of the largest team in her category— the “Untouchables” who are now “Untouchables by PAMEMMAZI”. If they had met, Emma and Paula would have become friends since they were both advocates in the effort to improve the course and care of cancer patients in Greece.

We will miss your positive and stable presence, your meaningful ideas, and your substantial support in the work of PAMEMMAZI. Thank you very much for your valuable contribution, which is now a legacy to all organizations and decision-making centers for improving the course and care of the oncology patient.