Music Therapy


Music can be a powerful tool used to alter the state of mind. Music therapy interventions can be designed to facilitate self-expression, promote relaxation and improve communication. To many it may bring tranquility, reduce anxiety and fear and alleviate pain.

It may help patients cope with negative emotions by reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. Prior musical background is not required in order to participate in a music therapy session. The patient can be active or receptive during this process.

During the session, the therapist provides the patient with music therapy techniques, which allow the patient to be more active (i.e. by playing a musical instrument) or more receptive (i.e. when the therapist is doing guided meditation using the instruments).

Kandia Bouzioti, MA, AVPT
Music Therapist, Music & Vocal Psychotherapist

Participants' Comments

  • Great! Amazing! Congratulations for the work you offer! There are no words to describe it, one has to experience it! Well done and Miss Kandia was amazing
  • Imagine if the whole room could hear what we experienced. The music has made everything feel very peaceful. It tames our soul
  • It is very good and it should take place on a regular basis
  • Absolutely therapeutic
  • Perfect! You manage to relax and feel calm and positive!
  • This experience I had in the hospital today was a soul remedy and it allowed me to physically relax. I would also like to be a volunteer. Congrats to Pamemmazi. Thank you very much
  • I ‘travelled’…I feel very relaxed
  • Beautiful and relaxing. Necessary for the patients who stay for a long period of time at the hospital
  • A nice break from my visit to the hospital
  • Relaxing, it allowed me to ‘travel’…amazing!!!I was at my island…thank you!!!
  • Judging by the feelings I have from this activity I would describe my experience as unique and interesting.
  • Absolutely relaxing experience, a sense of health and well-being
  • I felt that I was somewhere else and not at the hospital. I felt alive
  • I imagined that I was back on my island and I could hear my boat in the sea. I imagined I was there.
  • I got goosebumps all over my body and I managed to relax. This programme is amazing