Jewellery Making

The name ‘kosmima’, Greek for jewelry, derives from the verb ‘kosmo’ that means ‘to decorate’. The first years that jewelry were created by people, they were perceived as means of power, creation, respect from the others. Men often wore them to impress the women! (Wikipedia). Pamemmazi offers classes on jewelry creation (rings, brooch, bracelets and necklaces) for a fun and creative way to pass your time at the hospital. Materials used for the creation of the jewelry are mainly beads, wire as well as recycling materials that everyone can find at home. Also, we offer these materials for free for you and the class is facilitated by a Fine Arts University graduate student. We can teach you simple and more advanced techniques in order to make your own creations, which you can keep or give as a present to your loved ones.

Participants' Comments

  • Very interesting and relaxing
  • Interesting, relaxing, psychotherapeutic
  • Very good
  • Amazing, it helped my body and my soul
  • Thank you very much. I learned something nice. The people here are giving, polite and kind
  • It would be great if these activities took place on a daily basis as they are very interesting and the patients can pass their time joyfully. I hope you continue offering with love and passion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
  • I can pass on my positive energy to patients who participate in the project through the pleasure I feel when I create
  • I recharged my batteries 
  • You are amazing! What you do here is beyond creativity
  • Thank you, I had a wonderful time here.
  • I laughed a lot, I had a great afternoon, I sharpened my mind
  • I had a great time once again and thank you for that
  • It was WONDERFUL!
  • I had a great afternoon, I sharpened my mind
  • I passed my time joyfully in the hospital. You learn things that up until yesterday you wouldn’t even imagine you could learn!!! You learn a lot of new things!!!
  • Very creative and psychotherapeutic
  • Amazing experience. Particularly interesting. I am very excited.
  • It was the nicest thing that could happen to me during my stay at the hospital. I hope you continue this project
  • I had a lovely and creative evening. I learned how to knit and crochet and I had the opportunity to communicate with other patients
  • I had a great time. I learned new things and I passed my time joyfully. The teacher was amazing, helpful, polite. Thank you very much!!!!
  • thank you very much, continue this nice project, I felt lonely and now I feel delightful
  • You learn, you create, you make good use of your time at the hospital, you forget why you are there. You learn new things and meet pleasant and polite people.
  • Amazing experience, I felt nice and I would like to do it again
  • Very nice and creative
  • Being creative is a joyful way to pass your time whilst waiting for therapy
  • It is a unique idea, I hope you continue offering this service
  • I felt very creative for my children’s sake
  • A happy break inside the hospital
  • We would like these programmes to continue
  • I would like this programme to continue at all the hospitals. You lift our spirit up, the pain is gone, and we feel optimistic about life
  • It is very nice! I felt happy during this activity. They lifted our mood when we were feeling down. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
  • Perfect. I want to thank all the ladies. They are all amazing.
  • A nice break from the hospital
  • I am excited and I don’t want it to be over. I really like it especially in this context.
  • I felt nice, my morale was boosted
  • Great! Amazing! Congratulations for the work you offer! There are no words to describe it, one has to experience it! Well done and Miss Kandia was amazing
  • Imagine if the whole room could hear what we experienced. The music has made everything feel very peaceful. It tames our soul
  • It is very good and it should take place on a regular basis
  • Absolutely therapeutic
  • Perfect! You manage to relax and feel calm and positive!
  • This experience I had in the hospital today was a soul remedy and it allowed me to physically relax. I would also like to be a volunteer. Congrats to Pamemmazi. Thank you very much
  • I ‘travelled’…I feel very relaxed
  • Beautiful and relaxing. Necessary for the patients who stay for a long period of time at the hospital
  • A nice break from my visit to the hospital
  • A happy and peaceful break
  • Relaxing, it allowed me to ‘travel’…amazing!!!I was at my island…thank you!!!
  • Judging by the feelings I have from this activity I would describe my experience as unique and interesting.
  • Absolutely relaxing experience, a sense of health and well-being
  • I felt that I was somewhere else and not at the hospital. I felt alive
  • I imagined that I was back on my island and I could hear my boat in the sea. I imagined I was there.
  • The specific activity boosts the participants’ psychology. It gives them a break from their problems.
  • I learn new things. Pamemmazi has offered me amazing experiences.
  • Creativity distracts me
  • I became prettier at the hospital, something unexpected
  • I got goosebumps all over my body and I managed to relax. This programme is amazing
  • I managed to relax and feel better after the activity
  • A unique, wonderful, relaxing experience, amazing human beings, calm and supportive teachers full of patience. Please make sure that this project takes place in all the hospitals. Good quality of work.
  • A stress relief and interesting experience. Congratulations to the ladies who offer their service voluntarily.
  • It was an enjoyable and creative experience. My time passed quickly and I had fun; I managed to forget about my problems for a bit. Well done to the activity facilitators.
  • Relaxing and perfect!
  • Interesting, very creative, relaxing; Sufficient information provided by the artists-creators’ tutors. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the art- making process. It was an ‘oasis’ of joy and happiness in my life, thank you very much
  • It would help all patients relax in all the hospitals
  • In general all the activities are great and they contribute in feeling more positive and taking one’s mind off his/her problem.
  • Wonderful! And you are all amazing!
  • Very remarkable!
  • Congratulations this was an amazing experience
  • Great experience!
  • It was a very interesting experience! I had a very creative and relaxing time!
  • Amazing!
  • Fantastic, wonderful! Thank you!
  • It allowed me to relax and I had a nice time during my therapy. Thank you very much
  • Creative, pleasant and very communicative, I had a nice time and the chance to communicate with the other patients and caregivers whilst creating something
  • It was very important, pleasing and creative
  • Communicative, interesting and creative
  • Creative and communicative
  • Excellent
  • Very interesting, I always admired items/ jewellery made with this technique but I was never given the chance to learn how to do it on my own before
  • Beneficial
  • Interesting, Unwinding, creative
  • Unforgettable
  • It was nice, thank you; communication between people. All forms of art is a pure form of communication
  • Very interesting!!!
  • Very nice!!
  • I am very pleased; these activities should take place more often!
  • Relaxing!!
  • This was a very creative way to pass my time; I don’t have a headache any more and I feel well.
  • Very nice; well done to the girls who showed me how to create a handmade item. WELL DONE
  • Interesting and relaxing, it distracted me and I had the chance to be away from the hospital room for this hour
  • Interesting, useful and relaxing
  • I came as a hard rusk and I’m leaving a fluffy bread
  • It allowed me to relax and I feel good
  • It was a very nice experience that I would strongly recommend to everyone
  • Interesting, creative!
  • Crucial
  • Very interesting and constructive
  • I had the chance to experience and assimilate this activity in my daily routine as a healthy habit. THANK YOU!
  • I relaxed and felt great
  • Exciting, unique
  • A unique experience that enabled me to relax, rest, communicate with other patients
  • Something new; I saw results just in one session
  • Wonderful, Exceptional!
  • Good, because it allowed me to relax
  • Illuminating in that there are ways to relax, deal with and manage my problems
  • Excellent, I am delighted! Very good!
  • Quite interesting even though this was the first time I participated in one of Pamemmazi’s activities
  • This experience was perfect, thank you for everything
  • Interesting! A note of relief, calmness and creativity
  • Nice and interesting experience and I learned a lot of significant things
  • Calming, informative and communicative
  • It was comforting; I am not in such pain any more. I feel less stressed.
  • Joyful pleasure
  • Nice, enjoyable, I would like to repeat this activity
  • Creative, interesting, it broadened my mind, pleasurable and relaxing.
  • Relaxing, creative, pleasurable. I learned a lot about aromatherapy from the volunteers, I really enjoyed the process
  • Excellent!
  • Perfect. I got very relaxed and I managed to get my mind off my problem and other negative thoughts.
  • Very enjoyable and interesting
  • Amazing-Enjoyable!
  • I believe that these types of activities should take place in most-if not all- hospitals. They are very informative and it is a nice and beautiful experience. Thank you very much
  • Amazing, you deserve a big thank you for encouraging us to learn new things, forget about our problems, relax and make us laugh! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  • Perfect, I managed to relax, calm and felt great! Well done guys!
  • Unique, special, enjoyable, revitalising, a creative way to forget my problems for a bit
  • Enjoyable, relaxing, calming, necessary!
  • Interesting, I managed to relax, it was something very enjoyable during my day as a patient
  • Quite relaxing and enjoyable. This is an activity that can help patients and the caregivers and encourage communication and relations to emerge
  • It was a calming, relaxing and creative experience.
  • Very interesting experience, it helped me relax and it distracted me
  • Interesting, comforting and enjoyable
  • Remarkable, brilliant
  • I had a good time; I learned new and interesting things and met nice people, who seem to be informed and enthusiastic. I would gladly participate in more activities. Good luck in what you are doing.
  • It was very important, pleasing and creative
  • Communicative, interesting and creative
  • Interesting, relieving, relaxing. I hope there is a future for this programme
  • Excellent!
  • As part of the PAMEMMAZI community, I feel that I contribute in my own way to the realization of Emma's dream. This dream, apart from being a simple goal, serves as an inspiration, engaging patients and volunteers to team up to break taboos surrounding cancer. We move forward together, letting go of moments of great adversity, holding on to happy moments and living every single day as if it is a new and unique experience.
  • I want to help realize the dream that PAMEMMAZI represents, not only in support of people living with cancer who are close to me, but everyone who can benefit from this organization. In this effort, I want to join all those who wish to fight stereotypes associated with people living with cancer.
  • The vision of PAMEMMAZI is precious and unique. Working together, with energy and creativity, we can make it happen.
  • Emma helped me realize that cancer is just another word. Even though cancer sucks, what matters is how you choose to live your life with it. What I would like is to contribute to those who have to live with it and keep fighting it.
  • Emma when I am thinking of you and your warm smile I always remember what I have read once: “courage is not the lack of fear but fear which keeps going” For me you symbolize this saying. You needed courage to remain positive and joyful despite all your fears. You needed courage to offer love and to care for all of us around you despite your difficult moments. You needed courage to accept your journey and in the most difficult times to reach for the light. Now it is our turn to show the courage to keep your dream alive and support all the people in need. You are the star which gives me the courage and I will always be grateful to have  met you. With endless love.
  • The vision of PAMEMMAZI  is Emma’ s dream. The person who feels pain is alive but the person who feels the pain of another, is human. PAMEMMAZI  is a family, a group of friends where we share happy feelings and we lighten the sorrows by sharing them. By volunteering for Pamemmazi  I helped create a better world. What about you?
  • PAMEMMAZI  has shown me how to serve those who truly need my help. We work together to fight every taboo in cancer. Instead we see cancer as a chronic disease that does not limit normal life for patients and those around them. We organize activities and invite cancer patients to join us, because no one should feel alone in this fight. In this journey we walk together.
  • Words are not enough to describe my feelings for PAMEMMAZI ; happiness and optimism can be part of even the hardest challenges. All you have to do is look for them.
  • In PAMEMMAZI  we work together for better days today and always!
  • For me PAMEMMAZI  is about the people who are part of it. The people who establish it and to the creators of a network communication that aims to exchange knowledge, give joy and empower all both members and participants.  Authentic human relationships have the power to create exceptional outcomes.

Αll participants reported jewelry-making had positive psychological benefits.

Study: Jewelry-Making Boosts Sense of Well-Being

Beading offers participants a way to cope with illness and life's challenges, finding a sense of purpose, lowers blood pressure, and many more benefits.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Beading