Art Psychotherapy


Art Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that combines verbal communication with artistic expression. Through this process the therapist and client are able to work through emotional, mental and physical health problems. Through the art making process the client might gain deeper insight into his/ her feelings that words might fail to portray.

Common psychosocial difficulties that cancer patients often face are emotional and physical fatigue, depression, stress, pain, interpersonal and existential difficulties. The psychosomatic changes, loss and insecurity about the future are also issues that the patient faces on a daily basis. Research shows that therapies through art have a significant impact on the reduction of these symptoms and overall contribute to improving one’s quality of life.

Evanthia Grigoriadou
MSc Art Therapist

Participants' Comments

  • It was nice, thank you; communication between people. All forms of art is a pure form of communication

participants reported "increases in positive affect, pleasure and enjoyment and decreases in negative affect, anxiety, perceived stress, and burnout

Coloring and open-studio art therapy benefits stressed caregivers of cancer patients, study shows