Hospital activities

  • Arts and Crafts: Drawing, painting, wishing cards, small and easy-to-make creations, knitting and much more. What matters most to us is the creative journey and not the final result. The creative process is a great way to express ourselves, an effective means of communication and a chance to work alongside others, offering relief, freedom and hope.
  • Yoga and Relaxation: Yoga lessons for all! This is a beginner course that doesn't require any previous experience or fitness. Just put on something comfortable and join us for a relaxing session! Plus, learn more about Kundalini Yoga, which helps your breathing and can help reduce pain or stress.
  • Music: Do you enjoy singing or playing a musical instrument? Music is a great way to help regulate/improve your mood, express what you're feeling, communicate/get in touch with others and relax.
  • Look good, feel better: We won't let the side effects of the treatment on our appearance bring us down! That's why we offer seminars on make-up, scarves and styling ideas, as well as tips and products for face and skin care.
  • Writing: Take a moment to write down your thoughts and memories, use your imagination to create your own stories and poems, voice your opinion in a newspaper article or a blog. If you wish to see your work published, PAMEMMAZI can make it happen!
  • Board Games- Books- Magazines: In our corner, you can find a wide variety to keep you entertained!
  • Book Club: Book extracts and conversation, a chance to exchange views and book presentations by the writers themselves! Let us know who is your favorite author and maybe you'll get to meet them!
  • Cinema: When you can't go to the cinema, the cinema comes to you! Movie-watching and conversation about movies with your peers.
  • Sports News, Mini-Quizzes: Let's talk about the latest sports developments and watch the biggest matches together! Plus, sports-themed quiz events to find out if you're a real sports fan!