Creative Writing

Creative writing is the imprinting of our thoughts on paper, it is our voice that gives us the strength to express what we hide inside us and to be able to externalize what frightens us, to deal with it and to make us stronger. A 2008 study in Australia found significant benefits from engaging patients with alternative therapies, some of which are the strength given to patients and the positivity they gain, the strength to deal more effectively with the side effects of treatments. Research also found that creative writing helps us acquire the necessary calm to cope, since through the externalization of feelings and thoughts we can relax the burden that weighs on our minds. It is worth mentioning the research of a group of psychologists from the University of California which proved that writing can help in dealing with anything that upsets us, as well as to change of way we think. Writing offers a greater gift than just imprinting our feelings on paper; it gives us the opportunity to become the writers of our own precious world by seeing that through writing we can change our story, the bad wolf won't hurt Little Red Riding Hood anymore.

Significant benefits come from creative engaging patients with alternative therapies

Complementary - Alternative Therapies

Writing can help us cope with any difficulty

Why does writing benefit health? A study

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