Aromatherapy is a holistic wellness method, which uses essential oil blends as a medium for the promotion of health and wellbeing. According to research, the benefits of aromatherapy in cancer patients include the short term reduction of generalized anxiety, depression, the enhancement of sleep quality, better management of pain and the increase of an overall feeling of wellness.

It also presents benefits in patients at terminal stages, as it proves to be beneficial (combined with reflexology and foot baths) in the elimination of fatigue experienced by them. During chemotherapy, aromatherapy may safely contribute to the reduction of nausea. In various published researches it is mentioned that it may offer relief at specific situations of different types of cancer, such as relief from malodorous necrotic ulcers with antibacterial essential oils or reduction of salivary glands damage due to radiation.

Cancer patients who usually experience symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and fatigue aromatherapy seems to be a viable, safe and economic tool for the reduction of such symptoms.

Sofia Karandelou
Diploma in Naturopathy

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