A school full of scarves!

The untouchables
Untouchables are back!
Participation of PAMEMMAZI in the “Psychological support for cancer patients and their families” panel discussion organized by the Hellenic Cancer Society – Acharnon – Fylis Branch

Yesterday, on World Cancer Day, The American College of Greece – Pierce College students wore scarves and used their creativity to spread their message against cancer!

With the motto “I am more than a scarf” Gymnasium and Lyceum students break the stigma surrounding cancer, spread the message that cancer does not define people who suffer from it and show that the scarf that many patients wear is a symbol of strength, not weakness.

In view of the “I am more than a scarf” event, students of the Lyceum Service Learning Club and the Gymnasium Volunteer Club, under the guidance of their professors Daphne Vlachantoni and Charis Loizou, designed 400 scarves using paint, markers and creativity. White, black and light blue textiles turned into colorful scarves filled with messages of hope and unique designs by the students of the Service Learning and Volunteer Clubs.

The goal was one… to raise awareness among the students for cancer, an issue important to all.

The options were three… 1) buy, 2) make your own or 3) bring your own… as long as on February 4th everyone wears a scarf! And that’s exactly what happened! Tied in the shape of a bandana and worn on the forehead, tied in the shape of a bow around ponytails, wrapped around the head, the scarves were worn in any possible way by young boys and girls!

What is more hopeful than students collaborating on designing scarves and showing that cancer does not define those suffering from it!

We wish to thank Pierce College for its willingness to take on and host this activity! Special thanks go to Mrs. Vlachantoni who, equipped with enthusiasm and endless creativity, filled the school with scarves and the hearts of the students with love, care and empathy towards cancer patients!

We are grateful to Plaisio for kindly donating the markers and paint, and P&G for its decision to cover the cost of the scarves that served as canvases for students to express their message for World Cancer Day!

*All proceedings from the sale of the scarves will go towards our hospital-based programs.

Our stand at Pierce College