Craft making is the process of creating handmade decorative and/ or useful things using the appropriate tools. Anything can be used as a material: recyclable items, natural materials, things we can find at home but also specialized materials such as silicon glue, clay, wood, fabric etc. A handmade item is unique and holds a special meaning as it has been carefully created by its maker who has invested his/ her mind and soul into making it. It has got sentimental value. Art-making has been proven to significantly reduce the physical and psychological discomfort that patients with chronic illnesses feel from long term therapy. The feeling of creativity, control and prospective is cultivated through art. “Happy state is a creative state” as Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, has noted.

Participants' Comments

  • I managed to relax and feel better after the activity
  • A unique, wonderful, relaxing experience, amazing human beings, calm and supportive teachers full of patience. Please make sure that this project takes place in all the hospitals. Good quality of work.
  • A stress relief and interesting experience. Congratulations to the ladies who offer their service voluntarily.
  • It was an enjoyable and creative experience. My time passed quickly and I had fun; I managed to forget about my problems for a bit. Well done to the activity facilitators.
  • Relaxing and perfect!
  • Interesting, very creative, relaxing; Sufficient information provided by the artists-creators’ tutors. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere during the art- making process. It was an ‘oasis’ of joy and happiness in my life, thank you very much
  • It would help all patients relax in all the hospitals
  • In general all the activities are great and they contribute in feeling more positive and taking one’s mind off his/her problem.
  • Wonderful! And you are all amazing!
  • Very remarkable!
  • Congratulations this was an amazing experience
  • Great experience!
  • It was a very interesting experience! I had a very creative and relaxing time!
  • Amazing!
  • Fantastic, wonderful! Thank you!
  • It allowed me to relax and I had a nice time during my therapy. Thank you very much
  • Creative, pleasant and very communicative, I had a nice time and the chance to communicate with the other patients and caregivers whilst creating something
  • It was very important, pleasing and creative
  • Communicative, interesting and creative
  • Creative and communicative
  • It was very important, pleasing and creative
  • Communicative, interesting and creative
  • Interesting, relieving, relaxing. I hope there is a future for this programme
  • Excellent!

Creative activity provides stimulation for participants, on one hand, to take risks and overcome challenges, and, on the other, to develop constructive and joyful approaches to daily life despite the difficulties inherent in their current situation

Experiences of engagement in creative activity at a palliative care facility